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Coed Girls

Jenna Fitzgerald

December 16, 2004
January 01, 1985
Raleigh NC USA
Jenna Fitzgerald is a psychology student from North Carolina State University who loves being in the college football town of Raleigh. “Wolfpack football games are the biggest party around, hands down,” proudly says our blonde-haired Coed of the Week for December 16, 2004. “I don't see how anybody could top tailgating at my school.” When the students of NCSU aren’t talking football over burgers and beer, they put together some legendary themed-parties on campus where there are no rules. “Students at N.C. State will do just about anything. Where else could you find girls dressed like hos when it's 28 degrees outside?” laughs Miss Fitzgerald. That’s one surefire way to garner male attention.