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Coed Girls

Emelie Starkey

October 20, 2005
January 01, 1986
Pullman WA USA
Playboy fans have been dying to know, what do sexy blondes notice first about a man? We asked our busty Coed of the Week for October 20, 2005 and she couldn’t have been more excited to let us in on the answer. “The first thing I zero in on is a guy's face, specifically his smile. I like a guy who has a smile that makes me smile, too,” says all-natural Emelie Starkey. The psychology major has been making men everywhere smile from ear-to-ear since she posed for Playboy, but she insists it hasn’t changed her—she’s still the same coed she was before. “I could probably sleep an entire day without caring one bit and I'm also a computer dork and I'd probably die without the Internet,” laughs the Washington State University student. “I also have a special talent—I can roll my tongue.” Wouldn’t you like to see Emelie’s talent up close?