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Anna Clark

Miss April 1987

April 01, 1987
October 19, 1966
San Francisco California USA
5' 1"
98 lbs
For science-fiction fan Anna Clark, adventure is everywhere—and the petite brunette is preparing to experience it all firsthand during a year-long trip around the world, where she and her brother will visit exotic and foreign lands. “That's what I love about San Francisco. It's the openness, all the different kinds of people who live here,” explains Anna. “They're spicy—I like that. I like meeting new people and hearing new ideas. I hate being bored.” Growing up with such an adventurous spirit, Miss Clark got into a lot of trouble in school and was expelled from three Catholic boarding schools. The last school to kick out Miss April 1987 did so because they were unable to locate the Playmate for two months. Where exactly did Miss Clark end up? She had taken a solo trip to Europe. “Without anyone I knew around, I seemed to lose my sense of identity. I ended up coming home earlier than I had planned, because I got very lonely,” admits the California girl. “Adventure is very important to me.” This time around—a little older and wiser—Anna has promised to tell her family and friends where she’s going during her year-long trip—and thanks to her younger brother, that is a promise she is going to keep. “I learned a lot last time, and I think that having my brother with me will make a big difference,” laughs the voluptuous Playmate. “Still, we're playing it very much by ear. The last thing we want is a firm itinerary.” Currently on the list are stops in Australia, Turkey, India and Egypt. One stop that will not make it onto her itinerary is one over in Pleasureville. “It seems silly to get all wound up in a relationship when I'm going to be gone for a whole year. I've been looking forward to this trip so much, I wouldn't want to cancel it for anything,” explains Miss April 1987. Sorry, fellas.