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Koa-Marie Turner

July 27, 2009
November 10, 1981
Chicago IL United States
5' 9"
125 lbs
It’s not every day that you’ll meet a Cybergirl who could knock you out –with her beauty and with her fighting skills. Chicago’s Koa-Marie Turner is a pro wrestler and our Cybergirl of the Week for July 27, 2009. The trained wrestler has fought in many different events including Hulkmania and competed for the title of WWE Diva in 2007. With her long legs making up for most of her five-foot nine-inch busty frame, who wouldn’t want to compete in the ring with her? “I wrestle guys and girls,” says Miss Turner. “The guys are a little gentler in the ring then the girls.” Green-eyed Koa-Marie still dreams of becoming a WWE Diva and therefore working out and eating right are always on her mind. The brown-haired beauty enjoys Tae Bo, Pilates, yoga and playing volleyball. Koa-Marie may seem like an outgoing and bold wrestler but most would be surprised to see our CGOW is the total opposite. “Most people say I’m shy but I’m not. I’m just very quiet,” says Miss Turner. Quiet or not, she is still one woman guys wouldn’t mind being knocked around by.