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Donna Smith

Miss March 1985

March 01, 1985
March 15, 1960
Portland Oregon USA
5' 7"
105 lbs
Donna Smith lives a luxurious life today as our Playmate of the Month –but, it’s a far cry from how she grew up. Donna was born in Portland, OR, where she ran around her neighborhood with her blonde curls flowing in the wind and her big, hazel eyes filled with hopes and dreams. Those hopes, however, were put in jeopardy when authorities headed to the Smith household with the intention of removing Donna and her five siblings from her mother’s custody. But, Donna’s mother caught wind of what was coming her way and in the middle of the night, the family made a mad dash to get out of the state. Miss Smith’s life on the run developed into a passion for traveling and at the tender age of 14, she decided to indulge her nomadic spirit by leaving home and making her way to Alaska, Hawaii and Wyoming. “I like being independent,” admits the all-natural Playmate. Donna’s gypsy-lifestyle took her around a few more states before she eventually made her way to Japan—a country she quickly fell in love with. “I was interested in the Japanese and their culture, so I just picked up the language,” says busty Miss March 1985. “After that, I dated a lot of Japanese men and ended up married to one for a time.” Even though Miss Smith is the picture of independence and strength, when it comes to love and men, it has been uphill battle for the model to remain that way. “There was a time when I wasn't independent. I would be living with a man, and he'd say, ‘Well, it's my money. I'm paying the rent.’ I'm out in the cold unless I do as he says,” confessed the Playmate. “Forget it! Not happening! Not with this cookie, anyway.” Donna has learned she could love passed her painful experiences, and believes that even though she’s been treated badly in past relationships, true love is out there. “One day, I'll get married again, I'm sure. I would love to have one or two children,” explains Miss March 1985. “I would definitely live with someone a long time first, though, to be certain I could spend the rest of my life with him.” From life as a nomadic teenager to a Playmate looking for true love, Donna Smith is one interesting beauty.