Playboy Sex Tips
  • 3 Rules for the Best Sex the First Time
  • Easy rules to blow her mind in the bedroom. You didn't do all this work just to hook up with her once, did you? You have to show her a good time if you want to see her again, and it doesn't hurt to be AMAZING in bed. Learn how to keep her in the moment, decode her moans and body language and, most importantly, how to do damage control if you finish too early!

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  • The Sex Position You Need to Know Today
  • Want to learn the best sex positions that will make her go wild? Playboy Cybergirls Patrycja Mikula and Kamila Sulewska show you the hottest Kama Sutra advice in an explicit, no-holds-barred video to make you a better man.Click here to see our girls in the Leg Lock.

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  • Everything You Need To Know To Be A Badass With Women
  • Go from being a loveable loser to being a badass at meeting and attracting woman... TODAY!
    Why should you settle for a woman that is anything less than perfect for you?

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  • #AskPlayboy: Watching Porn with Your Girlfriend
  • If you're dying to watch porn with your girlfriend, read this first. Jenny Mollen may be a knockout, but she doesn't pull any punches with her advice. Our celebrity guest writer breaks down what you need to do to get her turned on by porn. Find out how.

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  • #AskPlayboy: The coquette on nice guy syndrome
  • Worried that you are falling into the friend zone instead of the friends-with-benefits bed? The Coquette lets one guy know exactly how to get what he's looking for. Warning: There is no coddling or hand-holding, just harsh advice that works.

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Will She Cheat? Will She Cheat? The 3 simple rules to tell if she's going to cheat on you.
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