Jenessa Dawn in Pickup Lines

  • Model(s):  
  • Photographer:  
    Cassandra Keyes
  • Published:  
    October 29, 2018

Meet Jenessa Dawn, a lovely model, and student from Saskatoon, Canada. Right at home on the set of a little farm with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes, Jenessa is thrilled to meet you! “I grew up on the Canadian prairies,” she tells us, introducing herself, “spending a lot of time outdoors!” Dressed in overalls and a pink bra with her bright blonde hair pulled back, Jenessa gets a little dirty doing farm work for the camera. Taking a break, she begins to undress on the back of her pickup truck. First, she reveals her breasts, her long legs, plump bum, and we're thinking it's safe to say, Jenessa is loving her time in the spotlight. “I love my body for its strength and resilience,” she says thoughtfully. “It takes me where I want to go and allows me to do the most incredible things and make amazing memories!” Putting this experience at the top of her memory list, Jenessa is thrilled to be on Playboy Plus. “I have been hearing about the Playboy Mansion since I was young,” she says. A lover of the brand, she has no problems posing nude. “I found Playboy to be body positive and encouraging of women to own their own bodies. I decided that these sorts of values were a fit for me and my goals!” If you’re loving the gorgeous Jenessa, leave her a line in the comments below, right here on Playboy Plus!

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