Maija Riika in Back to Nature

  • Model(s):  
  • Photographer:  
    Cassandra Keyes
  • Published:  
    August 24, 2018

Equal parts sweet and totally sexy is your gorgeous Cybergirl of the Month, Maija Riika in her third pictorial as our featured model. On set in stunning British Columbia in pink floral lingerie, high socks, and combat boots, Maija looks absolutely adorable as the photographer, Cassandra Keyes' camera snaps away. It’s no doubt Maija knows just how to tease and please as she runs her hands down her perfectly curvy figure in the middle of the beautiful woods. “My dream is to move to New York City,” she tells us. “Even though I love big cities, I also love being in nature, and you’ll see how comfortable I am and how much I love it!” Maija wasn’t joking, as we watch her get more than comfortable on a little lawn chair by the river — undressing and looking longingly into the camera until she is totally nude. “What I love most about my body is my butt and lips,” she says with a wink. When it comes to men, Maija likes someone adventurous, sweet and funny. “If a man takes me somewhere exciting or somewhere that I have always want to go, that’s a plus,” she tells us. "The sexiest thing about a man is humor, intelligence, and personal style.” As for the bedroom, Maija needs someone who knows how to please her. “I love eye sex to show them what I want.” If you love some good eye contact, let Maija know in the comments below, right here on Playboy Plus!

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