Olivia Preston in Easygoing & Gorgeous

  • Model(s):  
  • Photographer:  
    Cassandra Keyes
  • Published:  
    August 01, 2018

For August, your Cybergirl of the Year, Olivia Preston tells you a little about how she found out she’d be this year’s featured model, her infatuation with the female form, and much more. On set in Mexico with photographer, Cassandra Keyes, Olivia looks divine and totally laid back in a red bodysuit, jean shorts, sneakers, and a sly seductive grin on her face. “We’re shooting the courtyard cutie set, it’s super fun. I really love this outfit,” she says squeezing her all-natural breasts. “I screamed, I cried, a jumped a little bit,” she says of when she got the news about becoming CGOY. “I’m living the dream! Thank you so much,” she says to all her fans. Getting to the good stuff, Olivia first teases the camera by tugging on her shorts, making her bum bounce, as she smiles. First come her bottoms, and before you know it, you have a totally nude, gorgeous blonde atop a bright yellow sofa. Fun, spontaneous and always laughing, Olivia is a delight to have on set. “In high school, I was the shy, quiet kid,” she reminisces. “You could say that I blossomed a lot after graduation.” When it comes to love interests, Olivia is a sucker for a charming man, but won’t say no to a little fun with a woman. “I have made out with other girls,” she says. “I love dudes — I’m definitely going to marry a man someday,” she laughs, “but girls are hot! They’re pretty and smell nice.” If you’re loving this new set from your Cybergirl of the Year, let her know what you’d like to see next, right here on Playboy Plus!

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