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There’s no better alternative than Mosh. She’s petite – 5’3” – and slender, with platinum blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. “I was born in Moscow under the Communist regime,” she says. “We moved to the States when I was three or four. I can still speak Russian.” She’s a Jane of many trades – she’s the number-one alternative model in the business, and she performs as a burlesque dancer on the side. “I started modeling at seventeen, and I shot my first nudes at eighteen,” she says. “My friends used to call me Mosh, so it made a good stage name.” She started out doing pin-up work, but as she got older, she was drawn to the fetish community, and traded her silk charmeuse for latex and rubber. “There’s nothing sexier than latex,” she says. “I love the look, but most of all, I love the feel.” Mosh has a vast wardrobe – she collects vintage and reproduction lingerie, and is the proud owner of hundreds of custom pieces designed for her – or by her. “I love vintage,” she says. “It’s all finished by hand. They don’t make it like that anymore. But all of my burlesque costumes are custom made.” Mosh was a gymnast and acrobat in her teen years, so she’s very limber, and can hold any pose with elegance and grace. “Modeling is an art form,” she says. “I involve myself in everything – creative direction, styling, hair and makeup – and I know how to accentuate the best parts of my body.” Mosh has a strong mind and body, and if she wants to take the reins, we’re more than happy to follow her lead.