P.J. Lansing

P.J. Lansing


Frankford Missouri USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

February 1972

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Playmate P.J. Lansing is from Frankford, Missouri, but her hometown didn’t have what she was looking for when she turned 22. She wanted to live somewhere that had a university, hiking trails with scenic views and a pretty good nightlife. The all-natural blonde isn’t made for cities like New York or Los Angeles, but Boulder, CO seemed to check off every item on her list. “I moved to Boulder after finishing three years at the University of Missouri and found it absolutely perfect,” says P.J. who refuses to tell us what her initials stand for. “I was in no hurry to resume college, so the idea of working for a while was attractive. For me, it was enough just to be here.” The busty blonde had decided she wanted to explore her hometown and the only way to do so efficiently was to have money to burn. P.J. put her degree ambitions on hold temporarily as she studied part-time as she got herself a job and plenty of disposal income along with it. “Luckily, work and class hours don’t conflict. The shop is very casual and low-key—like so much of the town—which makes it a terrific place to work,” says our Playmate of the Month who works in a fabric store. “And it gives me the chance to keep up to date on the latest materials. Although my career plans are indefinite at this point, I’ll always be interested in fabrics and fashion design.” Even though she enjoys working, she doesn’t want her fans—or her parents—to fret too much because she does plan on going back to being a fulltime fashion retail student soon –just not too soon. “I’m really enjoying the life of a part-time student. Even though I’m working, there’s lots of time for pure fun,” says our busty Miss February 1972 who found time to even pose for Playboy. “I'm studying fashion retailing now, but would like to transfer to art. My ambition though is to own and manage a boutique of my own fashion designs. I would also like happiness in love and peace of mind.” She’s well on her way to achieving her goals since moving to Boulder—hiking the tough, scenic trails has proven to be beneficial for her psyche and her health. “It’s at times like this that I feel really lucky to be living in such beautiful surroundings. It’s too bad that everyone can’t,” says P.J. “Next summer, I plan to go backpacking through Scandinavia, so I'm taking courses in Swedish. It will help a lot if I can learn to use some phrases. I'm still working some and am enrolled in just a few classes, so technically I'm a special student.” Scandinavians will never let P.J. Lansing leave their homeland once they see her centerfold.