The Bernaola Twins

The Bernaola Twins


Los Angeles CA USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

January 2000

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Do a paso doble with Darlene and Carol Bernaola, our dual Misses January 2000. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, these identical twins have always shared a vision, even when the spotlight seemed far, far away. “We were raised in the jungle, in Chanchamayo, Peru,” says Carol. “We fled because of the revolution. Our mother sent us to Miami to start a new life – we got jobs at McDonald’s, where I was a dishwasher, and Darlene was a cleaner.” Despite these humble beginnings, the Bernaolas persevered – and one night, in a club that Carol’s husband just so happened to own, Playboy just so happened to throw a party. Our West Coast photo editor took one look at Carol and promised her the Centerfold – and when she found out about Darlene, well, let’s just say that their fortunes were increased twofold. “I’m proud to be Latin and American,” says Darlene. “There’s nothing you cannot overcome. We’re living proof!” What better way to ring in the millennium than with a hot pair of Latin twins?