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Abigail Mac

Abigail Mac


Columbia, MD


5' 1"

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“I want to live in a perpetual state of fun,” reads Abigail Mac’s Instagram bio. If that doesn’t give you a glimpse into who she is already, then maybe we can help: “I don’t take myself too seriously,” she tells us, “I am a big silly fool, and I just want to have fun and laugh!” Coming to Playboy Plus from Ellicott City, Maryland, we’re thrilled to be featuring Abigail on Playboy Plus. “Playboy is so iconic to me,” she begins. “I grew up watching The Girls Next Door. [Working with Playboy] means that I get to be a part of a sexual revolution that has been going on since way before I was alive — that is very special.” When it comes to passions, Abigail’s is her work in the industry, and the freedom it allows her. “My passion is business,” she says. “I love working for myself and creating the life I want. It keeps me motivated and feeling proud.” When she’s not working, or in front of the camera, Abigail is enjoying the little things in life. “I love to be in the sunshine, take naps, and eat yummy food,” she says with a smile. Eager to learn more about her? Make sure to check out her pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!