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Addis Fouché

Addis Fouché
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Welcome Addis Fouché to Playboy Plus! A model, adult star, writer, content creator, public speaker, and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York. "Describe myself using three words? Authentic, curious, and independent," shares Addis. "I'm a loud and proud native New Yorker, and I won't let anyone forget it! I love that in NYC when you're a kid, you feel like an adult, and when you're an adult, you feel like a kid."  For Addis, creating content that resonates is important and something she's passionate about. "Creating the kind of content that I wish I could have seen as a young, queer, Black woman is my ultimate goal, which makes me truly happy," she says. "How many people can say they've shot for Bang Bros and spoken at SXSW in the same week?" We first met Addis through her photographer and shot on location in Los Angeles, California. "I first discovered Playboy on Tumblr," she exclaims, while also bringing us back. "When scrolling through my feed, I'd come across vintage Playboy covers that made me stop in my tracks. One ultimate favorite cover of mine is Darine Stern's because she looked so happy." Addis is proud to be a part of this community. "It feels truly surreal to be a part of the Playboy family now. I feel a level of respect and legitimacy that is really special," she shares. When she's not writing for popular publications like Glamour Magazine or Refinery29, Addis is moving her body and spending her time intentionally. "You can find me trying mocktail recipes, shopping vintage, or training for another half marathon," she says of how she spends her free time. "I've been running since I was 12 and often feel the most beautiful when running. It's just you, your body, and what it can do that day. Whether that's something I'm super proud of or if I just had fun, I'm still so proud of myself because it's all me! Modeling makes me feel this way, too." Learn more about Addis Fouché through her features only on Playboy Plus!