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Adrianna Kroplewska

Adrianna Kroplewska


Chicago IL USA


5' 6"

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Say Cześć, hello in Polish to Adrianna Kroplewska. Born and raised in Rytel, Poland, Adrianna moved to the United States in her late teens to pursue her dreams. The voluptuous blonde made Chicago her new hometown and is keeping busy with budding modeling career. “I'm an active woman. Between managing my home and modeling, I'm always on the run,” says blue-eyed Adrianna. Most fans will look at a Cybergirl and wonder what her secret is for keeping her body so toned. Miss Kroplewska has a workout regime that is sweet and naughty. “When it comes to eating, I have to have waffles,” laughs Cybergirl of the Week for December 17, 2007. “But I love to do Pilates and cardio. And I have to have a lot of sex.” Once Adrianna has finished her hot and sweaty workout, she doesn’t cool down –she just keeps the heat turned up and she don’t do it alone. “I like just having fun in my house with my husband. Sometimes we have threesomes with hot girls,” admits Kroplewska. That is one very lucky man.