Aleksa Slusarchi

Aleksa Slusarchi


Kharkhiv Ukraine


5' 4"

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Say hello to Aleksa Slusarchi, a model from the Ukraine. She’s all natural, with long brown hair, blue eyes and a rather cute accent. “In Ukraine, I live in a big city,” says Aleksa, “so I really like Los Angeles. It’s beautiful – the weather and the people.” Miss Slusarchi is a successful model in Europe, and when she found herself in California, she was sure to make a date with Holly Randall’s camera. “I shot my first nudes at eighteen, but this was my first shoot for Playboy,” she says. “It was a great atmosphere.” When she’s not modeling, Aleksa spends time with friends and family, going to the movies or the theater, and she’s a talented gymnast to boot. “I do artistic gymnastics,” she says. “I stopped training because of my modeling career, but it’s still very important to me.” Speaking of flexibility, Aleksa knows what she wants in a man, but she doesn’t really have a type. “I don’t have enough words in English,” she says, laughing. “I like…interesting men. It’s the inside that matters.”


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