Alexandria Karlsen

Alexandria Karlsen


Mesa Arizona USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

March 1999

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Alexandria Karlsen has us seeing red – and while she’s at it, a little bit of green. With her auburn hair, brown eyes and full lips, she’s a vision of natural beauty, and when it comes to her career, she’s smart, focused and not afraid to take risks. “I get bored easily, so I do a lot of different things,” she explains. “That’s been for the best.” Among her career choices, Lexie has dabbled in journalism and finance – she wrote and edited for her local paper, and is a licensed securities dealer, managing some seriously big money. Before she made Playmate, she was employed with the prestigious Vanguard Group. “Modeling, writing and finance are all options for me,” she says, confident. “I want to be happy with my chosen path in life.” One of Lexie’s choices was to send her portfolio to Playboy, and as our Miss March 1999, she’s made a return on her investment. “Buy low, sell high,” she says with a smile. “And reinvest your dividends.” Lexie went on to have a successful modeling career, eventually founding her own modeling agency. Needless to say, we consider Miss Karlsen one of our most valuable assets.