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Alexis Tae

Alexis Tae
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“I’ve known about Playboy for most of my life,” says Alexis Tae, an adult performer and Playboy Centerfold creator from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. “When I got into adult, I was very happy to see many sex workers and performers included! Shooting for Playboy has been one of my biggest goals— I feel so grateful and lucky.” Alexis takes pride in always staying true to herself. “What makes me, me? It’s not very easy to influence my decisions,” she shares. “I would say I’m stubborn in the best way! I definitely know what I want.” Alexis entered the industry in 2019, and her career has flourished. “I’m most proud of moving across the country with a suitcase and figuring everything out on the way. Here I am three years later, thriving,” she shares. “I love the freedom of my job the most. Even at my busiest, I still have time for self-care— something I didn’t have when working as a server.” Alexis prefers posing nude. “Posing with clothes on is pretty tough for me,” she laughs. “I think naked bodies are the most beautiful and should be more normalized and less sexualized.” When she’s not working, Alexis is a homebody. “I like to read, cook and be around nature,” she says. “I have also been consuming a lot of true crime lately.” Learn more about Alexis Tae here on Playboy Plus!


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