Alicia Loraina Olivas

Alicia Loraina Olivas


Las Vegas, NV

Playmate of the month

June 2020

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June 2020 Playmate, Alicia Loraina Olivas, is on a mission of self-celebration. Coming to Playboy from Las Vegas, Nevada, Alicia also urges others to realize their full beauty and potential. So, she began with herself. "For most of my life, I've been on a journey to find peace with who I am. I'm in an amazing place now, but it hasn't always been easy," she shares. Growing up, Alicia explains that she was picked on for her weight. "I wanted to be skinny so I could fit in with everyone else. Eventually, I thought, 'okay girlfriend, something's got to change; you can't keep living your life like this," she adds. "When I turned 16, I started making healthier lifestyle decisions — but not because I wanted to fit in or lose weight. [This] helped me find confidence and happiness. It finally clicked: it was never about getting other people to like me; it was always about me loving myself." Alicia feels called to share her story to help others through her modeling and social anthropology studies. "I now believe I was meant to go through those struggles so I could share my story to help others," she says. "I have a deep sense of empathy ingrained in me. I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't learned the power of self-love." Check out Alicia spread as our Miss June 2020, right here on Playboy Plus!