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Alix Agar

Alix Agar


Las Vegas NV USA


5' 6"

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Alix Agar is a wild child from Las Vegas who admits nothing turns her on more than defying authority. “I’m turned on by things that are forbidden or dangerous—a secret relationship or taking risks when there is something to lose,” explains the five foot, seven inch model. While many women shy away from any risky behavior, all-natural Alix is unapologetic about enjoying the rush she feels from being sneaky. “I love to have a good time, live strongly for today and have no regrets about my life,” says the once-redhead, now brunette. Miss Agar’s love of risky behavior led her to the Playboy Mansion, where she wanted to share her body with the body. “I am proud of my sexuality and not afraid to show it!” says our Cybergirl of the Week for July 7, 2003. We cannot wait to see more of Alix.