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Allie Nicole

Allie Nicole

Playboy All Star of the month

July 2022

Hometown Treat

I’m originally from Dallas, Texas. The thing I love most about where I grew up is the food! Southern comfort and Tex-Mex are my favorites. 

Balanced Being

I would describe myself as a wild card; I am the perfect balance of wild and calm.

Somthing's Cookin'

I love to cook and host events for friends and family. It’s a way of saying I love you. Growing up in Texas gives you a love for filling someone’s stomach. 

Words to Live By

“Leave people better than you found them.”

Liberating Feeling

Posing nude makes me feel nothing short of empowered and free. It’s the simple fact of knowing I’m embracing every part of myself and loving every inch. 

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We’re excited to welcome Allie Nicole as our July 2022 All Star! Originally from Dallas, Texas, Allie currently lives in Miami, Florida. “I love my southern roots,” she shares. “The thing I love most about where I grew up is probably the food! Southern comfort and Tex-Mex are my favorites.” Allie entered the adult industry at 19 and has had success after success since then. With recent features in Vixen, Slayed, and Blacked, with her growing following on OnlyFans, it’s clear Allie is a star to watch. “I wish I could go back in time and tell myself I would be a Playboy model,” Allie writes on Twitter, “she would have died of excitement.” Allie first discovered Playboy in her teens. “It was very intoxicating for me as I grew up in a very religious household,” she explains. “It was the first time I experienced women’s bodies celebrated through art.” Allie shot her three nude galleries and full videos with the producer, Agent X, in Los Angeles. “My experience has been such a dream,” she says of her time on set. “I always adored the brand. Playboy, to me, means celebrating women’s bodies— using the most natural state of a woman and showcasing the true beauty that we all have.” Compassionate to her core, Allie says she hopes to give back to other women in her position. “I have a passion for leaving people better than I found them,” says Allie. “Not many people are in a position to give back and pour into others. I’m thankful to be that person, especially for girls in the sex industry.” Learn more about your July 2022 All Star, Allie Nicole, here on Playboy Plus!