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Allie Stacy

Allie Stacy


San Antonio TX United States


5' 1"

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Online classes seem appealing to most students because there’s no need to leave the house and risk being late for class. But, Allie Stacy signed up for Kaplan University’s online courses so she could attend class in the nude. “During online classes, it’s just me and my computer, but who knows what my fellow students are doing while in class—masturbating?” presumes the business administration major. Even though she spends her class time in the buff, our Coed of the Month for April 2011 was incredibly anxious about posing for Playboy. “I was so nervous because I’ve never posed completely naked before,” says Allie, who drove seven hours from her home in San Antonio to Houston for a Playboy casting call. “I think a woman’s body is very beautiful and I like their boobs.” We quickly learned that like most college girls, the petite brunette has experimented with her sexuality especially she’s at frat parties. “Drunk girls get horny when they make out with each other,” laughs Allie Stacy. How we miss being in college. To find out more about Allie check out her interview featured in the members area.