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Alyssa Marie

Alyssa Marie


Roseville MI USA


5' 2"

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Meet Coed Alyssa Marie, a chemistry student from Huntington Beach, California. She’s Western European by descent – German, Italian, Irish and Polish – with black hair, brown-green eyes and a 30D bust. “I grew up in Michigan, but I had my sights set on California,” she says. “I went on vacation when I was eighteen, and I fell in love. Eight years later, I quit my job, packed up my car and moved to Huntington Beach. It was the best thing I ever did.” She’s working toward a degree in organic chemistry, and she’d like to go into cosmetic product development. “I’d love to do a skincare line,” she says. For now, Alyssa works part time as a bartender, and when she’s not making drinks, she’s hanging out with her friends. “I love the beach and the amusement park – anything fun,” she says. “The weather is great in California. It gets pretty cold in Michigan – it’s good for cuddling on the couch, but that’s about it.” Bartending is “great money, great way to meet new people.” Alyssa has a lot of modeling experience – she’s done clothing, swimsuit, hair, makeup artistic work – but this is her first time posing nude. “When I was younger, there was a casting call in Michigan, and my mom said that I should audition when I was old enough,” she says. “I watched The Girls Next Door religiously, and with my mom’s blessing, I submitted my pictures and went to a casting call in Studio City.” A couple months later, we called her back, and next thing she knew, she was on set with Fab Fernandez. Alyssa is getting a lot of pick-up lines at the bar, but she doesn’t really have a type. “I like guys who are confident and have a good sense of humor,” she says. She believes that a man should treat a woman with respect, but she’s not unrealistic. “I don’t expect a guy to go too far out of his way for me,” she says. “It’s a two-way street.”


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