Amanda Booth

Amanda Booth


Watertown New York USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

February 2014

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You’re in for it with Playmate Amanda Booth. A self-described Army brat from Watertown, New York, slender blonde Amanda is hard to pin down, at least on a map – our Miss February is a top model with more work than she knows what to do with, and spends more time on set than she does at home. At 5’9”, with seraphic blonde curls and blue eyes, it’s no surprise that she’s found success as a model – she’s multitalented, and can go from approachable beach babe to a sleek, high-fashion look in seconds flat – but in Hollywood, Amanda is also known as an up-and-coming actress. With appearances in over 40 TV commercials, plus a guest spot on NBC’s Community, her star is most definitely on the rise – and now that she's a Playmate, Miss Booth is really and truly on the up-and-up. “Living in Los Angeles is my dream,” says Amanda. “I’d love to do some movies, but I don’t care about the fame. As my grandfather would say, I’d rather have tea and biscuits and be happy than have steak and potatoes and be miserable.” Words of wisdom, to be sure – and with all eyes on Amanda Booth, we’re all ears.