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Amber Elise

Amber Elise


Smyrna FL United States


5' 4"

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Amber Elise is a name almost every coed at Daytona Beach Community College knows very well. What’s the reason behind her well-known notoriety? “I like to be naked a lot and I really don’t care who sees. My girlfriends and I like to go streaking a lot,” admits the busty brunette. “I’m not shy at all.” Amber spends her days studying for her nursing exams. However, every coed needs a study break and our Coed of the Month for October 2007 likes to unwind with sex. “It’s really exciting to have sex in public places. It turns me on more knowing I could get caught,” giggles Amber Elise. “I am flexible like Gumby and very imaginative.” Thankfully, so are we.


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