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Amber Sym

Amber Sym


Howell MI United States


5' 6"

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Cybergirl Amber Sym comes to you from sunny Orlando, Florida, but she’s no bottle blonde. Brown hair, brown eyes and a sweet pair of natural C’s make her an A in our book. Originally from Howell, Michigan, Amber knew that she wanted more from life than a small town had to offer. “I was a loner in high school,” she says. “Not a lot of friends. Everyone ended up doing the same thing every day. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, and seeing other people get stuck in ruts made me want to go out and try everything. It gave me the motivation to do something – anything – different.” Amber is single, and she likes it that way – she’s too busy to slow down for anyone else. “I can do my own thing at my own time and pace. I’m not tied down, so I can travel at the drop of a hat,” she explains. “I don’t have to worry about building a relationship while I’m building my life.” When she’s not working, she spends her time with friends. “With the boys I hit the beach, go rock climbing or watch a movie,” she says, “and with the girls I like to go to the pool, tanning or shopping.” Amber is a real foodie, and she loves to eat in new restaurants. “I can eat like a pig without gaining a pound,” she says, a little smug. “I love carbs. It’s a beautiful thing.” “I’ve had a lot of experience in modeling,” says Amber. “The new clothes, the new people, the places – it’s all a blast.” How did she go from modeling clothes to modeling without clothes? “I’ve always loved the female figure, and Playboy is one of the few that knew how to depict it in an elegant manner,” she says. “My body is a beautiful work of art.” And what makes her want to stick around, now that she’s done her pictorial? “There is so much to do with Playboy,” she says. “You can be in the magazine, in Special Editions, on the website, radio or TV channel, or go to Playboy Golf or other events. It’s exciting work in all areas.” In her Facetime interview, Amber Sym tells about her secret talents, her taste in men and her greatest fantasies.