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Anastasia Christen

Anastasia Christen


Kelowna BC Canada


5' 6"

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Our Cybergirl of the Week for November 23, 2009 grew up in a city as gorgeous as she is. Kelowna, British Columbia is right by the water and is surrounded by lush greenery and mountains. Green-eyed Anastasia Christen and her C-cup hills love to explore the land by camping, hiking and boating. Brown-haired Anastasia may be five feet seven inches tall but she resembles a nymph when she hikes the woods thanks to the multiple butterfly tattoos that highlight her voluptuous body. While she may look like a sweet fairy, Anastasia loves to get dirty whether it’s in the woods or in the bedroom. “Rough in the bedroom is good,” admits Anastasia. “There’s a time to be gentle and a time for that rough, throw-me-across-the-bed stuff. You have to know when it’s one or the other.” While some men may be too timid to get down and dirty, Miss Christen wants you to get passed those reservations and just do as she says. “We are ladies. We are delicate but a little rougher is always better,” advises our CGOW. We cannot argue with that logic.