Anastasiya Avilova

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    April 09, 2019
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    5' 6"
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Meet Anastasiya Avilova, a beautiful International Playmate from Ukraine. Currently living in Germany, this gorgeous brunette model is quite well known all throughout Europe for her multiple features in Playboy and as a television personality. Most known for her time as Miss April 2019 for Playboy Germany, Anastasiya is thrilled to now have that spread featured here on Playboy Plus! A lover of fashion, travel and healthy eating, you can usually find Anastasiya trotting the globe for work, cooking up something great in the kitchen, or working out to stay active and healthy — something she is very passionate about. “I am the type of person who eats anything she wants,” she laughs. “I owe this [figure] to heredity and a good metabolism! Nevertheless, it is important to maintain an active lifestyle, because it is not enough to just remain slim,” she adds thoughtfully. In fact, the lovely Anastasiya uses fitness as her therapy, often heading to the gym when she needs some alone time. “Sports are really important to me,” she says. “I will regularly go to the gym, and not only for the sake of a good figure. Sometimes I go there to listen to my favorite music on the treadmill and get distracted from my daily routine!” Loving getting to know the gorgeous, International model, Anastasiya? Make sure to check out her pictorial, right here on Playboy Plus!

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