Angela Melini

Angela Melini


Saigon Vietnam Vietnam


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

June 1992

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From very humble beginnings comes gorgeous Playmate Angela Melini. Born in Saigon during the war, dark-haired Angela fled Vietnam with her mother in 1974, leaving an American father and a twin brother, both dead, behind. “The next thing I remember, I was living in a big house at the end of the road,” she says of her new home in Fayetteville, North Carolilna. What followed for Miss Melini was a normal American childhood – her mother remarried to a military man, and the budding Playmate spent her free time riding bikes and hanging at the mall. “It’s weird when so much happens to you when you’re so young,” she reflects. “One thing you learn is to just get on with your life. I’m a practical girl.” When approached to pose for Playboy, the Vietnamese-American beauty made an impractical but very good choice – in just one month, she was transformed from a busy hairdresser in Seattle to our Miss June 1992. Angela was blessed with large natural breasts, which she displayed proudly in her Playmate pictorial. For years, she maintained a personal website,, which she closed to move on to, as she put it, “bigger and better things.” These days, Melini is living in Texas with the husband and healthy children she wished for on her Data Sheet, and she’s as happy as can be. “I’m not impressed with money and all that flash,” she says. “The perfect man for me? He’s sensitive, but not a whiner. He’s romantic and he has a real sexy smile. He brings me flowers. He compliments me.” Oh, and one more thing: he should be a great kisser. “Just be yourself,” she advises. Anything for Angela Melini.