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Anika Shay

Anika Shay


Auckland New Zealand


5' 4"

Playboy Muse of the month

July 2014

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Take your chances with Anika Shay, a model and makeup artist from Auckland, New Zealand. She’s curvy, with sun-washed brown hair, brown eyes and a wide-open mind. “I was brought up on a hippie commune, so I’m a very free-spirited person,” she says. “It was on a small island off the coast of New Zealand, so small that we didn’t even have a supermarket. I love yoga, surfing, and the sound and smell of the ocean.” Anika’s burgeoning modeling career brought her for a time to Australia, where she won her first swimsuit competition – and when Playboy came calling, she simply couldn’t resist the temptation. “I met my photographer, Cassandra Keyes, about a year ago,” she says. “One day, she told me that I should pose for Playboy, and I was like, ‘Heck yeah!’ I think it’s every girl’s dream to be a Playboy model, and I couldn’t be more excited.” Excited doesn't even begin to cover it - after only two pictorials, Anika made Cybergirl of the Month in July 2014.  When she’s not modeling, Anika works as a makeup artist, and on a typical night out with her friends, she gets more than her fair share of attention. “I like to start with a few glasses of wine at home,” she says. “Then I’ll put on my hottest little dress, go out and dance the night away.” When it comes to men, Anika is similarly willing to have a good time. “I just got out of a long relationship, so right now, I’m loving the single life,” she says. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


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