Ann Denise

Ann Denise


Manchester England


5' 4"

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Say hello to Ann Denise, a model and makeup artist from Manchester, England. All natural, with brown hair and clear blue eyes, she’s an Englishwoman through and through. “I’m a proper Manchester girl,” she says. “We’re known for our football – or as you Americans call it, soccer.” A lingerie model with credits in Nuts and Zoo, Ann was no stranger to tasteful nudity, but when a photographer recommended her to Playboy, she leapt at the opportunity. “I’ve always wanted to shoot for Playboy, so I was really excited,” she says. “I mean, who wouldn’t want to do it? And plus, I love to visit London, so it was a very good reason to go!” When she’s not working, Ann loves to go out with her friends – and while she’s sure to attract any and all male attention, she won’t take any old pick-up line for an answer. “On a typical night out, we start with drinks at the bar and end up at a club,” she says. “You can be the handsomest man in the room, but if you can’t hold up your end of a conversation, I really can’t be bothered. And please, be a gentleman – after a long night in heels, don’t tell me to walk faster. Offer me your arm and walk me home.” A little etiquette never hurt anyone – and needless to say, we’re eager to please a girl like Ann Denise.