Anulka Dziubinska

Anulka Dziubinska


Preston England


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

May 1973

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Anulka Dziubinska is an English Rose from Preston who was born into a Polish-English household. Working fulltime as a dental nurse was a great career choice, however, the all-natural blonde wasn’t fulfilled by her career. “I was brought up to enjoy life rather than to fear death. And the best way I've found to enjoy life is to learn,” explains the avid traveler. “People, cultures, languages, places—the best education is traveling.” In need of adventure and excitement, the blue-eyed beauty entered a beauty contest to see if a career in modeling was even a possibility for her. “I was a finalist in the Miss United Kingdom competition in 1970,” gushes Anulka who moved to London following the contest. “I spent five months as a blackjack Bunny at the Playboy Club in London.” With an all-natural, petite figure and platinum-blonde hair framing her lovely face, she left England to think over her next move in Germany where met photographer Pompeo Posar. Pompeo was in the process of putting together a feature for Playboy’s August 1972 edition entitled “The Girls of Munich,” when he found busty Anulka. “I'm always willing to learn, and I'm easy-going,” says the up-and-coming model. Her photos had every Playboy fan wondering who the blonde Englishwoman was and why wasn’t she a Playmate—a question we asked ourselves. Fear not—we corrected this injustice when Anulka was made our Miss May 1973. Soon enough, wanderlust bit our Playmate of the Month on her smooth bottom once again after winning top prize and this time, she isn’t sure where she wants to go. “I'd like to travel and study languages, and someday have a lot of great memories and friends. I don't think the world is all beauty, though. For example, being a girl means that there are a lot of things I can't do that I'd like to do, places I'd like to see that aren't safe. It's not a women's lib problem. If a woman wants to be liberated, she can liberate herself. I do agree with their stand on most of the issues, but I'm pleased to see they have quieted down. The hysteria makes me sick,” says the European traveler. “But, there's still a point to be made. I'd like to go to Africa, for example, but I don't feel I could go alone, because I'm a girl. On the other hand, I think I might not be too eager to walk the streets of Chicago alone. It probably is safer in the African jungle, from all I hear about crime in America.” Even though she set her sights on acting, Anulka still had some personal affairs to take care of—visiting Mom and Dad. “I love visiting with my family. It gives me a chance to remember where I’ve come from while I’m contemplating where to go next. It seems the best people I know have had very strong family ties. And that makes good sense to me,” says our Playmate of the Month. “No matter how far you travel, there’s always a special feeling associated with coming home again. I hope to wend my way to Rome eventually. That seems to be the best place in Europe for film. And who knows? Some crazy director may be looking for a slightly different heroine.” She didn’t need to go far to find a director smart enough to cast her in his movie. Playing the role of Miriam the lesbian vampire in horror film, Vampyres, Anulka’s debut was one no one could forget including the producers of Magnum, P.I. and Falcon Crest who booked her for their shows. Keep an eye open for Anulka Dziubinska—who knows where she’ll appear next.