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Ariel Nichole

Ariel Nichole


Chicago IL USA


5' 6"

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Attending a trade school may be a good idea for obtaining practical skills, but there is one big disappointment—most trade schools don’t have a party scene. “There really isn’t one,” says green-eyed Ariel Nichole. “But one time, at my old school, I attended a huge bonfire in the middle of nowhere.” The party-deprived strawberry-blonde is studying to become a massage therapist at the Soma Institute in Chicago. Most of her massage classmates are worried about life after graduation and accumulating a clientele, but not our Coed of the Week for January 21, 2010. “I will soon have a license to touch and rub all kinds of strangers,” giggles the all-natural busty beauty. Sign us up for both touching and rubbing, Ariel.