Arlene Baxter

Arlene Baxter


Oceanside California USA


5' 10"

Playmate of the month

December 1993

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If there’s one thing Arlene Baxter isn’t afraid of, it’s exposure. Born in southern California, the leggy blonde was raised in the Pacific Northwest, specifically in Seattle, where she reached the impressive height of five feet, eleven inches. School friends referred to Arlene as ‘Birdlegs’, but in private, she grew to love her own dimensions. “I started liking my body,” says Arlene. “I was getting a little butt, a little bit of breast.” Before she knew it, Miss Baxter was a successful model, living in Germany, France, Italy and Japan, earning hundreds to thousands of dollars per day. “I’m really not your typical Playmate,” she insists. “At first, I wasn’t sure about posing, but I finally decided that if people wanted to see my body, they could just check it out.” Boy, are we ever glad she did – in the modeling world, Arlene was known as the ‘Baxter Bod’, but with Playboy, she referred to herself as Miss December 1993. After years on the European modeling circuit, Arlene is comfortable with her body, as well as other people’s attitudes toward it. She’s as comfortable in the Centerfold as she is sunbathing on her own terrace. “Europeans aren’t puritans,” says Arlene. “If you’re nude at the beach on the Côte d'Azur, nobody's yelling, 'Look at that, you can see her breasts!’” All joking aside, Arlene’s pictorial had men of all ages yearning to yell her name from the mountaintops. As for her own Mr. Right, Miss Baxter has someone in mind. “I’m smart, outgoing, strong and happy,” she says. “I’m a lover of life. My ideal mate is really a lot like me – and honey, when we’re making love I won’t be wearing the things you see here. Don’t forget that this is fantasy.” Anything you say, Arlene – and anything for you.