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Ashleigh Hannah

Ashleigh Hannah


Brisbane Australia


5' 8"

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September 2015

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If you’re a healthy, red-blooded guy, you’ll find Ashleigh Hannah rather charming. Tall and natural, with long, ink-black hair, Ashleigh comes to us from Australia, and she’s as focused as she is drop-dead gorgeous. “I’m a full-time law student,” she explains. “I’ve got a year to go, and then hopefully I’ll qualify as a barrister!” Hitting the books so hard during the week, Ashleigh likes to party even harder on the weekends. “A typical night out with me begins at a nice restaurant,” she says. “I’ll have a couple of fancy cocktails, and I always finish things up on the dance floor!” With a busy schedule like hers, Ashleigh doesn’t have much time to date, but she has a bit of trouble keeping her hands to herself. “Oh, I’m a very tactile sort of person,” she says suggestively. “I love to touch and be touched! My biggest turn-on is a guy who’s assertive and confident, who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to approach me.”


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