Ashley Allen

Ashley Allen


San Antonio TX USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

August 1992

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Pay close attention, or you’ll miss Playmate Ashley Allen. A frenzy of activity, the fizzy blonde is always up to something – she’s a model, actress and has plans every Friday night. Believe it or not, she wasn’t always so outgoing. “I’m afraid of heights, except for tall men,” she jokes. As a child in San Antonio, Ashley’s mother put her through ballet, tap and jazz lessons, insisting that she overcome her shyness. After that, she added first-chair flute, cheerleader and homecoming queen to her résumé. At 19, she won the Ford Agency’s local Supermodel competition, launching her career in front of the camera. “I honestly don’t think I’m that pretty, but I have to admit I’m real happy that Playboy does,” she says in a charming Texan accent. When her issue hit stands, our Miss August 1992 fielded phone calls from friends and admirers. “People said, ‘Why didn’t you tell us?’” she remembers. “I’m not one to brag – I guess I was nervous!” With her career stretched out in front of her, Ashley is anything but nervous. With roles in Xyzfear, The Bill and Holby City, not to mention a handful of Playboy videos, the willowy model has anything to worry about. “People tell me I ought to forget about love and marry some rich guy for his money,” says Ashley, turning up her nose. “I don’t want to use men for their money any more than I want them to use me for my looks.” Spoken with poise, class and self-knowledge – in other words, like a true Playmate. “I do like men a lot,” she says, softening a little. “I got married young – when I was eighteen – but it lasted only one year. My ex was a nice guy, but he wanted me to give up modeling. I never intend to get so dependent on a man that I don’t have a career to fall back on!” Live fast, love hard and die laughing – that’s Ashley Allen’s advice, and we’ll take it straight to heart.