Ashley Cox

Ashley Cox


Dallas TX USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

December 1977

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Ashley Cox is a sweet brunette from Dallas, TX who believes in the power of a smile and in helping her fellow man—or in the case, her fellow boy. “I was walking on the beach the other day with my boyfriend Ben and we saw a little boy who was collecting aluminum cans. You know, you get about ten cents a ton for them! So, I called him over and asked him if he was thirsty. He nodded his head and I gave him a five-dollar bill and said, ‘Go get something to drink.’ Well, his eyes lighted up and he grinned from ear to ear. Now, I could have used that five for something else, but I don't think I would have gotten nearly the pleasure out of it that that little boy did,” explains Ashley. “I believe very much in karma, the idea that everything you do comes back to you in some way. If you rip somebody off, sooner or later you’ll get ripped off. If you’re nice to somebody, somebody will be nice to you.” Good karma soon came her way, coincidentally not too long after her encounter with the thirsty youngster. Born into a modest family that survived living paycheck to paycheck, Ashley’s mother’s strength was tested when her husband passed away when Ashley was only ten years old. Seeing her mother persevere in raising four children as a single parent was all the inspiration she needed to know that no matter how big she dreamed, everything was possible with hard work and persistence. The tall brunette set her sights on becoming an actress and soon landed a role in the movie Logan’s Run. “I was in a scene at the very end of Logan's Run, you know, that sci-fi movie about a future domed city where all the inhabitants are under 30. Well, the dome was destroyed and the people started coming out. I was the first one to come out and go down the stairs to where Peter Ustinov was standing. I had to touch his face, the wrinkles, as though I'd never seen an old person before,” explains our all-natural Playmate of the Month. “It was a small part, but I got fan mail, can you believe it? People actually wanted to know, ‘Who was that girl?’” One of those people wondering ‘who that girl was’ was none other than our Miss December 1971, Karen Christy, who had the pleasure of meeting Ashley during the fashion show in Dallas. Karen knew busty Ashley would make the perfect Playmate and spent the rest of show trying to convince her to test for Playboy. Our Miss December 1971 even took Ashley’s test photos herself and personally delivered them to Playboy editors who instantly saw what Karen did. Ashley was flabbergasted when she got the call she was made our Miss December 1977, sharing the same month as her mentor. “Now, I think I have it together,” says Ashley of becoming our Playmate “I know there are things I have to do to improve myself—like trying to erase some of my heavy Texas accent—but, I'm willing to work at it, because I really enjoy what I'm doing.” Heavy Southern accent or not, Ashley Cox is perfect in our eyes.