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Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith


Hazlehurst GA USA


5' 4"

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Whoever said biomedical engineers were boring has never spoken to Ashley Smith, who says there is one very sexy thing about her program. “Me!” exclaims the all-natural biomedical engineering major. “Oh, and wearing nothing underneath my lab coat.” Blonde-haired Miss Smith and her exhibitionism are typically on full display at Georgia Tech, not too far from her hometown of Hazlehurst, GA. “I’ve definitely been streaking across campus a few times,” says our Coed of the Month for December 2009. “Luckily I never got caught—or arrested!” Her wild ways not limited to public nudity—blue-eyed Ashley enjoys using her forward thinking towards every campus party she organizes. “My friends and I threw a theme party where we encouraged guests to hook up with someone they wouldn’t call on Valentine’s Day, but still want to have sex with,” explains the coed. “I hit my best girlfriend when I found her hooking up with my ex-boyfriend’s date, and I ended up locked in a closet with my teaching assistant. It was a great night!” We want an invitation to your next party, Ashley.