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Ashley Zeitler

Ashley Zeitler


San Antonio TX United States


5' 1"

Playboy Muse of the month

October 2012

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Cybergirl Ashley Zeitler is all-natural, with blonde hair, blue-green eyes and a big smile. She’s an old hand at Playboy, and so popular that we made her Cybergirl of the Month in October 2012. “I’m just a Texas girl trying to make it in the big world,” says Ashley. “I’m from San Antonio – a big city with a small town feel. I didn’t grow up wearing fancy clothes. It would have been nice, but I learned to work hard for what I wanted.” A self-described “T-shirt and jeans” kind of girl, Ashley loves country music, camping and hanging out at the lake. She’s been a model since she was seventeen – she was working at Hooters when she was first scouted. So how did she get to be a Cybergirl? “One of my friends at work talked me into it. She always encouraged me to do big things in modeling, and she suggested Playboy. I submitted my pictures, and the next thing I knew, I was getting off the plane at LAX. I know that a lot of girls would love to be in my place.” We'd love to be at her place, but unfortunately, Ashley is in a relationship. “It’s great, because I have someone that I can rely on, someone I can talk to about everything. We really support each other.” She likes guys with honesty, personality, and a nice smile. “And kisses on the neck,” she adds. “Those are the best.” Ashley talked to us about her nipples, getting touchy-touchy, and sex on the beach in her Facetime interview.