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Audrey Nicole

Audrey Nicole


Los Angeles CA United States


5' 6"

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Meet Audrey Nicole, a California girl who’s finally back in her hometown of Los Angeles after living in New York for several years. “I love Los Angeles!” says the blue-eyed brunette. “When I go out tonight, I may go panty-less because it’s Los Angeles.” As you’ve probably guessed, Audrey is a firecracker who loves to try anything at least once—especially in the bedroom. The liberal arts major is quite liberal herself and has no qualms telling Playboy fans about her experiences with women and her motto when it comes to sex. “I love to give in bed, but if someone wants to give back, I will lay back and take it,” giggles our Coed of the Week for December 7, 2010. “I want a down-to-earth guy who is not afraid to be amazing to me. I'd return the affection!” Audrey, prepare to be amazed.