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Aurora Amara

Aurora Amara
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Get to know Aurora Amara, a model and entrepreneur from Denver, Colorado. “I love my wonderful family that lives there, the beautiful sunsets, and the lovely hiking trails the state has to offer,” shares Aurora of her hometown. “[Denver] is where my modeling journey started!” Nowadays, Aurora calls San Francisco home, and we shot together with the photographer Cassandra Keyes in Los Angeles. “To me, Playboy has been amazing at finding beautiful and inspiring women to give a platform to. I’m happy to be a part of an iconic establishment,” she shares, “I love the freedom my job allows in my life. I’m able to spend time doing what I love, improving myself, inspiring others, being creative, and getting lots of rest!” Aurora loves to get creative with her hands when she’s not working. “Crochet is a huge passion of mine,” she smiles. “I have big dreams for my designs!” Aurora takes pride in her dedication. “Something I’m most proud of is my ability to make my dreams come true,” she says. “Time and time again I have envisioned what I want for myself and though things may not always turn out how I intend, I know I can accomplish what I set my heart on!” Learn more about Aurora Amara through her pictorials here on Playboy Plus! 


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