Barbara Hillary

Barbara Hillary


Milwaukee Wisconsin USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

April 1970

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Milwaukee, the largest city in the state of Wisconsin which sits by the Lake Michigan, is a lovely place to grow up, but it wasn’t exciting enough for Playmate Barbara Hillary to spend her adult years there. Once she completed her university degree in her hometown, the all-natural blonde’s plan was to move away, but where would she go? “I studied speech and English at Marquette University,” says Barbara who took her degree and headed to New York like most dreamers. “I was a Bunny at the New York City Playboy Club. I loved it. It's a great experience for a young girl; I got to know all kinds of people—girls I worked with and customers I served—and I learned a lot from them.” From working as a Bunny to posing for Playboy as our voluptuous Miss April 1970, Barbara was enjoying every aspect of New York until she was bit by the travel bug once again. “I get stale if I stay too long in one place,” she admits. “In fact, it really doesn't do me any good to just go from city to city; I need to keep changing the total character of my surroundings to feel challenged.” The Big Apple had been kind to her—she worked for Playboy, acted in television commercial and worked as a model—where would she go now and what would she do once she got there? “I love the sea. I guess I love it the way poets do, for its mystery,” says our Playmate of the Month for found herself in St. Petersburg. “That's what I dug about Florida, the beauty of the sea, the solitude of a quiet beach. My ideal date is to share a walk along the beach with someone I care for and top it off with an ice cream cone.” Spending lazy days on the beach and nights at the clubs, Barbara was indeed having fun, but she was growing tired of the same hustle and bustle. She needed a new environment—a cold one this time. “I first went up there to visit my sister and her husband, who live in Juneau—right on the Gastineau Channel—and I liked it so much I stayed and worked for a few months as a camp counselor,” explains our Miss April 1970 of how she wound up in Alaska. “I've been back a couple of times since then. I'm like the natives, who have a difficult time explaining why they love the place to skeptical outsiders. It may be cold, remote and primitive, but I think it's great.” While she grew bored of the cities she called home in the past rather quickly, Barb cannot express enough how Alaska, so far, is perfect for her because there is never a dull moment—and we meannever. “It's clean and wild; you really feel like you're on the edge of civilization, where things are a little dangerous. I was chased by a bear once at camp,” laughs the all-natural blonde. “That's really more excitement than I need, but it makes a good story.” Will she stay in Alaska for much longer or will she make her way back to the lower 48? She isn’t sure yet, but she does hope her next town will lead to her meeting the love of her life. “My ideal man is ambitious, confident, well-mannered, amiable, a realist with a high regard for marriage and children,” says Barbara. “And, preferably, Italian.” Calling all Italian fellas, Barbara Hillary is looking to enjoy la dolce vita with one of you—and will leave Alaska do so.