Belen Lavallen

Belen Lavallen


Cordoba Argentina


5' 6"

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Say hola to voluptuous Belen Lavallen, a model and actress from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She’s on the tall side – 5’7”– with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a very generous bust. “Modeling and acting are my talents, but I’m a good Salsa dancer, too,” says Belen, in a rather charming Argentinean accent. “I’m in harmony with my body.” A model for more than ten years, this hot Señorita was a natural choice for Playboy, and lucky for us, we were a natural choice for her. “I think it’s really interesting to be a Playboy model,” she says. “I really enjoy my body, so I don’t mind posing nude.” When she’s not in front of the camera, Belen is a personal trainer, and her guilty pleasures are gossip sessions with her girlfriends and nights out at the hottest discos in Buenos Aires. But hold your pens, gentlemen – Belen doesn’t necessarily want your number on a cocktail napkin. “I like to be in a relationship,” she says. “Confidence and acceptance are important. And good sex.”