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Brittany Evans

Brittany Evans


Phoenix Arizona USA


5' 1"

Playboy Muse of the month

October 2002

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Playboy’s Cybergirl of the Month for October 2002 left her warm hometown of Phoenix, Arizona to shoot with Playboy in Chicago. Brittany Evans did not know what to expect from the Windy City as this was her first time visiting. “In Phoenix, it looks the same all year. It’s kind of boring,” says Miss Evans. “I bet it’s pretty in Chicago when the leaves change color.” Blonde-haired, green-eyed Brittany admits she hates the cold Chicago weather and needs a man to keep her warm. “I like being warm. That’s why I like Phoenix,” says petite Miss Evans. “If it’s too cold out I just want to stay in my bed.” Miss Evans is particular about the men who keep her bed hot and steamy. “He needs to have an easy laugh, a sparkle in the eye and dimples,” sighs Brittany. “I love a man with confidence who will look you in the eye when he talks to you.” Any man would have a hard time keeping the gaze of a beauty like Brittany Evans.