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Brittany Fuchs

Brittany Fuchs


Woodbridge VA United States


4' 11"

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Brittany Fuchs is a George Mason University student and, while she loves being near her hometown of Woodbridge, VA, don’t count on seeing her around town afterhours. “Most people commute to school, so on-campus parties usually blow—and not in a good way. Being so close to Washington, D.C. is a bonus,” says the busty coed. Black-haired Brittany runs to Washington, D.C. every chance she gets—not to go clubbing, but to socialize at their local watering holes. “I enjoy going to a bar that plays good music with a fun crowd. If a bar throws in some '80s music every now and again, I'm sure to enjoy myself,” says the petite communications student. “I'm most likely to find my dream guy at a sporting bar or event.” Miss Fuchs says she finds herself drawn to mostly older men and the reason for that is she’s a sucker for a man with confidence. “Older men are more secure. They don’t mind that I’m a model for Playboy, whereas younger guys tell me they don’t like it,” says our Coed of the Month for April 2008. Older men love you too, Brittany.