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Bunnie Brook

Bunnie Brook


Los Angeles CA United States


5' 6"

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Gentlemen, start your engines for revved-up Amateur Bunnie Brook. She’s Mexican and Italian, with long black hair, soft curves and a pierced navel, usually adorned with a rhinestone bunny. Based in San Gabriel, California, Bunnie is a student at East Los Angeles College and a waitress at Hooters. You may have seen her before – she was the featured model in the Lowrider of the Year 2011 pictorial, and has also posed for Maxim and Hustler. “My family always encouraged me to pursue what was right for me,” says Bunnie. “I’m comfortable in my own skin.” “I was a bad seed in high school,” admits Bunnie. “I was always getting in trouble.” She’s grown up, but she still likes to get in a bit of trouble, and loves clubbing and trips to Vegas with the girls. On the rare occasion that she sits still, Bunnie likes to chill at home, playing Lollipop Chainsaw on PS3 with her roommate and her Yorkie, Bambi. “Best game ever,” she declares. “We can play for days.” “I always thought that Playboy was the top of the heap,” she says. “The girls are beautiful – youthful and healthy – and I love that I’m a part of it.” Bunnie gets a lot of attention, but she’s single and doesn’t stop for anyone. “Being single is a lot more fun,” she says. “I don’t have to check in at home when I go out. But I like a guy with the same sense of humor as I have – it’s no fun laughing by yourself! A good cologne doesn’t hurt, either.”