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Caitlin Ann

Caitlin Ann


Melbourne FL USA


5' 1"

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Petite Caitlin Ann is a free spirit who loves adventure. During a road trip with her friends, she came across the city of Melbourne, Florida and she instantly knew she was home. “I left my car in Melbourne, flew home and drove a U-Haul back down two weeks later,” says blonde-haired Caitlin Ann. Now that she’s moved, green-eyed Caitlin is looking forward to continuing her education. Our Cybergirl of the Week for February 28, 2011 holds a bachelor’s degree and hopes to earn a master’s degree in physics with a minor in astronomy. “Science intrigues me and numbers are my thing,” says Caitlin. “So physics just kind of clicked.” Caitlin Ann’s dream job would be to work for NASA. Before the smart model gets her white lab coat with the prestigious NASA emblem, we hope to see her in many more Playboy pictorials.