Candice Cassidy

Candice Cassidy


Columbus OH USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

June 2009

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Dance the night away with Candice Cassidy, our Miss June 2009. She’s tall – 5’9” – with long dancer’s legs, blonde hair and warm brown eyes. She was Coed of the Week and Month in 2006, and featured in a series of 50’s, 60s, 70s and 80s-themed pictorials– and she was so popular that we made her a Playmate. Hailing from Friendship, Ohio, Candice is a farmer’s daughter – she was raised on a 60-acre horse farm, where her parents breed Tennessee Walkers. “I love the farm,” she says. “I rode the horses and helped out in the barn, and I could have inherited the business. But my one true love was dance.” Her mother enrolled her in classes, and today she’s the proud owner of a successful dance studio, where she teaches tap, jazz and lyrical dance four nights a week – and ever the farmer’s daughter, the proud owner of two dogs, two cats, eight horses and a goat. With a degree in psychology and a Centerfold under her belt, Candice could do anything she wanted just about anywhere she wanted – but Miss June is staying put. “I love Los Angeles, and I love the parties at the Mansion, but the best part is coming home,” she says. Far from put out to pasture, Candice has been ‘commuting’ since her Cybergirl days – she flies to LA for Playmate engagements, and flies back in time to teach her tap class. “I’d like to put my Playmate money toward a master’s degree,” she says, ever practical. “Maybe invest in some local property.” Speaking of local property, Candice likes a man with a sense of confidence, and her ideal date is dinner and a movie at home. “I mean, if I don’t burn the dinner,” she says, laughing. Burnt or not, we’d eat it if it was served by a dish like Candice.