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Candice Guerrero

Candice Guerrero


San Antonio TX USA


5' 4"

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Latina Candice Guerrero from San Antonio, Texas has been receiving quite a reputation in her neighborhood. “I’m a MILF,” laughs Candice. “I have teenage boys who live on either side of me and they are always staring and watching. It’s hilarious.” Who could blame those boys? Playboy fans couldn’t even stop staring at our Cybergirl of the Week for February 7, 2011. The dark-haired future dental hygienist knows how to capture anyone’s attention. It’s hard to believe her when she says she doesn’t have the best luck with dating. “Maybe once I start traveling a little more with my modeling, I’ll meet some new people,” says Candice. “My type always changes but for now it’s an athletic guy in a T-shirt and jeans.” Miss Guerrero’s type may consistently differ, but one constant is that she wants a man who satisfies her. “Sex is very important. I need sex every other day. This is the reason why I got divorced,” laughs Candice. After that comment, we can guarantee suitors will be lining up at Miss Guerrero’s door.