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Carlotta Champagne

Carlotta Champagne


Pensacola FL USA


5' 6"

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Meet Cybergirl Carlotta Champagne. She’s full, soft and natural, with a narrow waist, brown hair and brown eyes. “I grew up in Tampa, Florida,” she says. “I studied fine arts – mostly sculpture – and I thought I wanted to be an artist. But then I started working as an artist’s model.” Taken, she moved on to fine art and erotic modeling, and since then, she’s done a bit of everything – lingerie, glamour, runway, books and album covers. “I’ve been shown in galleries all over the world,” she says. “But not the way I had planned!” Before long, she set her sights on Playboy. “A photographer I knew told me that I wasn’t good enough for Playboy,” she says. “So I showed him – I went to a casting, and I got a call back.” Not to be outdone, Carlotta got several calls back – she has been Coed and Cybergirl of the Week, and appeared in All Naturals, Sexy Wives and Women of Playboy pictorials for the Girls Network. “And ten issues of Special Editions,” she adds. “I love being a Playboy model. I get to be a part of the American sexual revolution – who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?” Carlotta is a full-time model – she spends more time on a plane than she spends at home – but when she’s not working, she does whatever she wants, like shopping, partying, or belting it out at the karaoke bar with her friends. When it comes to guys, she’s just as decisive. “If you’re late for a date with me, I’m gonna drop your ass,” she says, “but I don’t need you to hold the door open for me. It’s not so much the way you treat a woman – it’s the way you treat other people in general.” Carlotta takes a walk on the wild side in her Facetime interview.